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Gold and Silver are the most popular metals because of their value and usage. They are called precious metals because they are rare and wanted or needed by many. Additionally, their aesthetic value in coins or jewelry has lasted 1000’s of years and won’t go away any time soon. Most importantly, gold and silver will always maintain their status as indicators of wealth and economic stability.

Recently, crypto-currency has taken on some of the qualities of precious metals. The explosive growth of Bitcoin and it’s successors shows the value of a free market; unmitigated by governments or other limiting agencies.

Crypto-currency and the Gold Standard

Crypto-currency is unlike metals which have industrial uses that tend to stabilize their value. However, crypto-currency finds it’s footing in a dispersed block-chain that stores and processes transactions. The redundancy, security and immediate access provided by the block-chain gives crypto-currency it’s growing value against otherwise volatile markets with tightly controlled access.

Only a few decades ago, there was an amount of gold stored in the treasury for every US dollar printed. For 100’s of years, many nations adopted this method of supporting commerce and stabilizing currencies. That is the gold standard. Wars and recessions weakened the standard and it’s supporters and it does not really exist today. Thus, the world as a whole has created markets and repositories that replaced the gold standard with a free market.

Transparency and Volume Drive the Free Market

Simply, transparency and volume of transactions are THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKET CONSTRAINTS. If you know what is happening and there is enough of it to spot clear trends then you have a safe market to buy and sell in. Likewise, SDCoinCo only deals in gold, silver or crypto-currency. Specifically, graded and registered coins or bars and crypto through established domains of great reputation.

Occasionally, we will consider loose coins or your bag of gold, panned in the forest. However, the cost of grading and assessing their value often removes the margin needed to make a deal. Therefore, we continue to support transparency and volume by preferring graded and registered products.

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