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gold bullion bars coinGold USD   Bid:2,389.99 Ask:2,390.99
High:2389.99 Low:2389.99 Change:0%

silver bars coins bullion for saleSilver USD    Bid:28.68 Ask: 28.78
High:28.6785 Low:28.6785 Change 24hr:0%

Russ Guillemot, Founder San Diego Coin Company

Russ, The Coin Guy

Founded in 2007, the San Diego Coin Company is owned and operated by Russell Guillemot. Russ  started buying and selling gold and silver coins in ’07 and was immediately hooked on precious metals. It didn’t take long to see the writing on the wall, and a new business emerged from a personal hobby.

Russ had his first crypto transaction in 2013 when the price of a bitcoin was around $400. Already a firm believer in the value of gold and silver, he added crypto to the stable.  Even then, he could see that bitcoin and the blockchain were the new monetary standard.

His passion now is to help people hedge their wealth with real assets of Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrency. Russ and his knowledgeable staff are available daily to help with your next transaction.

Learn more about Russ on his LinkedIn page